Colorful West Hollywood Engagement: Natalie & Jared

What is your perfect kind of date?

We love encouraging couples to let us capture them doing what they would possibly do together on a perfect weekend date. Natalie & Jared did just that and we loved every second of it! We started the morning off at the famous Swingers Diner in West Hollywood. A diner that Natalie and Jared frequent since they live just down the street. They shared fries, a milkshake and a dance all before 11:00am. We played around with pops of color throughout the neighborhood. They took this adventure to a whole new level when they took us to “The Pink House.” It’s no secret that Natalie loves bright, colorful and quirky things. One of her favorite stores is The Pygmy Hippo, which is a magical teeny store with a huge heart. Natalie & Jared love to laugh and play together. They are the type of people that truly seek out the happiness and joy in life. Their positive and fun energy is infectious and you just want to be around them all day. It is an understatement to say we are pumped for their wedding this September! 

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  1. Emily says:

    YOU GUYS. These are so killer! Gorgeous shoot — I love the locations, and it looks like these babes are so much fun.

  2. Sandra Stark says:

    Seriously? I’m not sure how to react. I feel old, very, very old. And have I mentioned I feel ancient…really, really ancient?

    I do love strawberry ice cream, though. And unicorns. And…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Mikey Trahant says:

    This is what love is all about!!! You kids are the best!! And I called you kids, and now I feel I should be watching Matlock. Much love to you both!

  4. Arion Hodge says:

    Wow, Natalie & Jared, what an amazing group of photos, taken by one, amazing photographer. <3

  5. Ryan Farr says:

    Such a great play with colours.

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