Friends doing life together...this is the story of heirlume.


As a lifelong dancer, Loretta established herself as one of the most sought after dance photographers. Her love and understanding of movement gives her a unique insight into capturing life in motion.

The pursuit for finding people in their most candid moments is a passion that has taken Pamela all over the world. Capturing people in their most raw and honest moments has become the foundation of her “heart-led” photography. 

Our friendship has always revolved around photography. We fell in love with shooting together. There was an instant connection between our personalities and passions. We met through shooting weddings together and our individual repertoires only grew from there. Loretta was constantly at Pamela's shoots and Pamela was consistently at Loretta's shoots. One day we decided it only made sense to combine what we were already doing and create one place for our work to live. 

This is where Heirlume was created. 

We see Heirlume as a place where we can create real relationships with our clients and can provide a service that allows them to be themselves and allows us to capture that. 

It’s a very rare thing to not only work with your friend but to be inspired by them. Combining our strengths of capturing motion and emotion in an image is what we are all about. Having hysterical fits of laughter together is a pretty awesome bonus to the job as well. We want to do life with you. To be there from the “I do” to the day your family begins to grow because life isn’t made up of events, but moments. Moments kept for life. 


a body in motion, a quick touch, a fleeting glance, a really good cup of coffee, an even better playlist,
one another.

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nice things 

that people have said about us.

"Use them. Just do it. For your most important moments, you need more than talented photographers, you need individuals who care immensely about the moments being captured. That's Heirlume. Truly incredible photographers capture individuals in their element, with beautiful attention to detail and seemingly effortless incorporation of light, motion, angles and mood. I can't tell you how incredible Heirlume is, Pam and Loretta are a joy - they make you feel beautiful and in your element. Pair that with their artistic gift of capturing gorgeous photos, and you get incredible images while having genuine fun along the way. SO thankful to have met and worked with them!"


The crew



owner. lead photographer. dancer. boy mom. burner wild child. 

owner. lead photographer. original boy mom. traveller. texas gal. 



lead photographer. brazilian born socal girl. momma. marathon runner. driver of a jeep wrangler.

lead photographer. lead videographer. road tripper. tiktoker. girl dad. goofy meets zen.

All about

Belly laughs, full out dance moves, golden retrievers, wildflowers, baby butts, messy hair


Super posed photos, re-created moments, uncomfortable shoes, bad music, hashtags

agree? we're probably a great fit.

more nice stuff

"One of the best decisions I've made in the past few years (other than to marry my husband) was hiring
 Heirlume Photography to shoot our engagement shoot and wedding.

They are so good.

I was lucky to even find them. I remember seeing an engagement shoot on some blog, and I was drawn to the moody, artful lighting. More shadows than you might expect, and they worked so well. It looked like fashion photography, or art photography.

Once we worked with them, I really got the sense that I was watching artists at work, and even better, that we were collaborating in that art, or at least being part of the project. Loretta and Pamela respect their craft, and work at it. But they're still so easy and fun and cool to be around. You never feel awkward, and the engagement shoot was totally fun! At the wedding itself, the photographer presence was perfect--around just enough to be helpful and present, but then sort of melting into the background. And then sending me hundreds and hundreds of the most perfect photos. Magic magic magic."



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