Adventurous Iceland Couple’s Session: Rebecca & Reza

There’s just something about Iceland. We can’t put our finger on it but there is a whimsical and magical vibe there that is unlike anything else in this world. 

We thought the Baltic Pillars in Vik would be a solid place to start our session with Rebecca and Reza. The second we started walking towards the pillars the clouds rushed in and it started pouring rain. The four of us looked at each other and all had the same look on our faces that said…”Who cares! Let’s do this”! Almost the second we started shooting, the clouds opened and the rain gave up. We couldn’t believe it. 

Rebecca and Reza are the quintessential couple for adventure and down right silliness. We could barely keep up with them on the black sand beach. They were full of fun and laughter and we truly believe that if we hadn’t been there, they would have been acting the exact same way. They have a kind of love that you just want to be around and soak in. Even the sun came out to be a part of it and gave all of us a gorgeous sunset. 

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