Friends doing life together…this is the story of Heirlume. 

As a lifelong dancer, Loretta established herself as one of the most sought after dance photographers. Her love and understanding of movement gives her a unique insight into capturing life in motion.

The pursuit for finding people in their most candid moments is a passion that has taken Pamela all over the world. Capturing people in their most raw and honest moments has become the foundation of her “heart-led” photography. 

It’s a very rare thing to not only work with your friend but to be inspired by them. Combining our strengths of capturing motion and emotion in an image is what we are all about. Having hysterical fits of laughter together is a pretty awesome bonus to the job as well. We want to do life with you. To be there from the “I do” to the day your family begins to grow because life isn’t made up of events, but moments. Moments kept for life