The Kappens

Some of our dearest friends started a family and it made our hearts explode. Peter and Emily are also awesome photographers (see their work here) who actually shot Loretta's wedding! It's always a joy when we get to return the favor and capture such a monumental part of a fellow photographers life. 

Emily is a warrior and delivered her baby at home completely naturally. It made perfect sense to capture their new life together in the very spot they brought him into this world. Also, their apartment is pretty awesome so that helps. :) 

We welcome Vaughn to this world with happy hearts. He is beyond blessed to have Peter and Emily as parents. We can't wait to see them grow as a family! <3 

Venice Canals Engagement : Brianne & Dennis

We love when we walk away from an engagement session feeling like we just hung out with a couple of friends. That is exactly how we felt after Brianne and Dennis' shoot. These two live down the street from the colorful and vibrant Venice canals so it only seemed natural to go explore their neighborhood. We walked around the canals and then decided we couldn't pass up going to the beach and getting sand beneath our feet. We didn't know that the sunset would be as stunning as it was. Bonus!! :) 

We had so much with Brianne and Dennis and we are counting down the hours until we see them tomorrow for their wedding day!! We can't wait to spend the day laughing and celebrating with them! Enjoy! 

Greenhouse Engagement: Katie & Stuart

When we had our first meeting with Katie and Stuart and they were describing their wedding venue location, we were pretty excited about how it all sounded. When we actually got there to shoot their engagement session, we were jaw dropped and giddy the entire time. There are greenhouses all over and every single one has a different story to tell. The grounds are lush with vibrant colors and the coolest plant life. Don't even get us started on the cliffside and the private beach. Our faces hurt from smiling the whole time. What's even better than all of that though (I know, what could be better?) is Katie and Stuart. They are the sweetest and most down to earth people and were a total blast to hang with. We are so honored to know them and we are literally counting down the days until their wedding! 

Santa Barbara Wedding: Kelley & Dave

Where do we even begin? Kelley and Dave's wedding day was a perfect way to start off the wedding season! It was filled with laughter, joy, dancing and champagne! The icing on the cake was that the bride is a dear friend to both of us! These two love birds just moved to Mammoth to start their lives together as a married couple but they really wanted to tie the knot in Santa Barbara to be near friends, family and of course the ocean. ;) 

Kelley is a photographer herself so she made sure to make her wedding day very "photo friendly". She wanted the day to feel relaxed and fun and for there to be plenty of time for photos. One of our absolute favorite parts of the day was when the 4 of us drove to Shoreline Beach to hang out and take some portraits. It was such a beautiful and peaceful time to really capture the beauty of the day and most importantly Kelley & Dave's joy and excitement now that they are married. They even took a little extra time to relax just the two of them before joining everyone at the reception. 

Here are some of our favorite images from this perfect day. Congratulations Kelley & Dave!

We really enjoyed this day and everyone who was a part of it. Thank you to the awesome vendors who brought it all together: 

Dress: Camarillo Bridal 

Florals: Flowers by Maria 

Cake: Delicious Artistry

Reception Venue: Carr Winery 

Catering: Catering Connection 

DJ: Tyler Johnson

Floral Poetry

This shoot was inspired by the character Ophelia from the Shakespearean Play "Hamlet". We want to encourage and inspire the ethereal feel that exudes from a bride on her wedding day. We felt This quote from The Lumineer's song "Ophelia" fit the inspiration: "oh ophelia you've been on my mind girl since the flood, OH OPHELIA heaven help a fool who falls in love".

Special thanks to Poppy Hill Flowers for the beautiful bouquet, anklet and floral crown and Myranda Gibson for being such such a super model. 

We hope you enjoy! 

Adventurous Iceland Couple's Session: Rebecca & Reza

There's just something about Iceland. We can't put our finger on it but there is a whimsical and magical vibe there that is unlike anything else in this world. 

We thought the Baltic Pillars in Vik would be a solid place to start our session with Rebecca and Reza. The second we started walking towards the pillars the clouds rushed in and it started pouring rain. The four of us looked at each other and all had the same look on our faces that said..."Who cares! Let's do this"! Almost the second we started shooting, the clouds opened and the rain gave up. We couldn't believe it. 

Rebecca and Reza are the quintessential couple for adventure and down right silliness. We could barely keep up with them on the black sand beach. They were full of fun and laughter and we truly believe that if we hadn't been there, they would have been acting the exact same way. They have a kind of love that you just want to be around and soak in. Even the sun came out to be a part of it and gave all of us a gorgeous sunset. 

LA Boudoir: A year of Beauty

We absolutely love the opportunity to celebrate the beauty of our clients. Boudoir Photography is such an empowering form of photography for us. The entire process really allows us to connect with our clients on such a personal level and the results are always so rewarding. 

Below are some of our awesome clients who were not only brave enough to get vulnerable and allows us to capture them BUT they were also willing to let us share a few of their photos as to encourage and inspire other women to try it out. 

If you are interested in shooting with us please shoot us a message and we can let you know if we have any upcoming boudoir days set up! <3 

Arts District Wedding: Zach & Julia

Capturing a wedding is always a joy, but it's a bonus when the bride and groom are as artistic and eclectic as Julia and Zach. Here's a couple who kicked off their big day by strutting the downtown streets of LA and were totally cool with a giant wall of graffiti being the backdrop for their "first look".  

From the unique location choice of Werkartz Art Gallery to Julia walking through the crowd of friends and family towards her groom as they gathered closely around to watch them say "I do", each and every detail felt personal and intimate. Moreover, the day felt handcrafted by the couple.  

But it didn't stop with the venue and the hand-made dreamcatchers hanging overhead. Julia's personal style was reflected in the Mara Hoffman dress she wore, accented by Julia's personal line of Jewelry and DIY bouquet. 

What amazes us is that this day wasn't out of the ordinary. Check out their engagement dinner (featured on Green Wedding Shoes ) here to get another look at their truly individual style.

Here are some of our favorite moments from their amazing day! Enjoy!

A special thanks to the awesome vendors who brought this day to life! 

Second Shooter: Leo at The Gathering Season 

Venue: Werkartz -

Style: Dress- Mara Hoffman, Shoes- Schutz,  Jewelry - Julia Musachio

Coordinator: Marie Stark -

Riegel Family: A day in the life

There is nothing better than when we get to spend some quality time with an adorable family like the Riegels. This session was filled with laughter, play and silliness. We started at their home and spent most of our time in the incredible garden that Quyen had so impressively grown. It was full of color, vibrance and personal touches. After hanging out barefoot in the garden, we all went across the street to their "go to" park and played until the sun went down. 

It was hard to choose, but here are some of our favorites from the shoot.